Holmes was created from listening to our Credit Union customers and identifying a gap in information they held. This information was accessible but what Credit Union had the time and the resources to do so?

So, it began life as a glorified excel sheet, too complicated for words! From there we progressed onto a 900 page report which, although impressive, completely overwhelmed our customers! We very quickly realised that we needed to create a software which allowed our customers to receive their answers in a more responsive manner.

Many, many developments later, and more listening to our clients, and we have the current version. This is by no means the end as we continue to create predictive modelling that will gradually be absorbed into the software going forward. We have high hopes for this software through the benefits it can bring the Credit Unions both individually and to the Movement as a whole.

The power of data is here and we aim to make it accessible to everyone. We encourage you to take the next step and chat with us. Go on,  gain the strategic advantage!

The Holmes team