Securing the future for Credit Unions

Common Bonds are confined spaces. Therefore, it is in the best interests of every Credit Union to intimately understand this Resident Marketplace.

Holmes is a powerful, strategic software delivering incredible market intelligence, enabling you to customise your products and  maximise your loan book.

Holmes delivers a unique advantage to Credit Unions ensuring that you not only survive, but thrive in a highly competitive marketplace.

Holmes will show you…

Who your ideal members are

Where to find more of them

How to effectively engage with them

After all, if you do not know who you are talking to, how do you know what to say?

Key Features


Identify growth opportunities and expand your Credit Union’s reach by targeting new customer segments.


Understand local market dynamics and customise your products by matching each to its ideal demographic.


Optimise Resource allocation – staff, budgets in a manner that maximises return and member experience


Your security is central to everything we do